Decision making in Agile Transformation

One of the key elements during Agile transformation is about having your employees participate or totally own the decision making at the product feature or functionality requirements. Specially when they have spent many years in Business Analysis or Design products.

During the Agile boot camp the leadership teams must train people about the key business priorities and metrics on what makes the product success which makes the business a success. Dont hold them back or not add the “yes you are allowed to take decisions” to their job role during transformation.

By not doing so, you are not only not following the Agile principles but also not creating transparency and having employees to reach out to management for every decision which could hurt the time factor which is critical.

The only key metric or deliverable is the Continuous Integration OR Continuous Delivery that makes end users engaged in the business

Beyond, each organization anyway will have performance measurement or people evaluation methods each year or at some point that way the organizations will be able to assess if the allowed decision making power is working OR any imporvements or reassessments to be made.