Qualities of a Good Scrum Master

Qualities of a Good Scrum Master

Servant Leader - An empathetic listener and healer. This self-aware steward is committed to the growth of people

Coach - Can Coach the other team members on how to use Scrum in the most effective manner

Framework Champion - Is an expert on how Scrum works and how it should be applied

Problem Solver - Protects the team from organizational disruptions or internal distractions or helps remove them

Facilitator - Neutral participant who helps group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to achieve these objectives

Qualities of a Bad Scrum Master

Boss - Has the ability to hire and fire others

Task Master - Myopically focused on assigning and tracking of progress against tasks

Product Manager - Responsible for managing schedule,  budget and scope of the product

Apathetic - Lacks interest in or concern about emotional, social, or spiritual well being of others

Performance Reviewer - Responsible for documenting and evaluating job performance



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