Project Management- Stakeholder Management

Project Management – Stakeholder Management

Who is a Stakeholder –

Anyone who is directly or indirectly impacted positively or negatively by a project is called a stakeholder. The following people or groups or entities can be called as Stakeholders – 

Customer, Consumer, Vendors, Development Team, Testing Team, Delivery Team, Infrastructure Team, Support, Legal, Compliance, Risk etc.,


        After collecting the list of stakeholders, categorize them under these:

  • Power – interest
  • Interest – Influence
  • Influence – Impact
  • Management

Always have these while managing stakeholders. Patience, Perseverance, Passion and Performance

Managing Conflicts –

External – External Conflicts:

Tool – Performance Stakeholder Need Analysis

  • What does each party say they want
  • Why do they want that?
  • What is the priority of the need in the mind of stakeholders?
  • What are the assumptions of stakeholders and, are they valid

 External – Internal Conflicts:

Perform the stakeholder need analysis again


  • Be the voice of the customer
  • Rely on the facts and numbers, not your opinions
  • Involve your boss or PM whenever necessary

Internal – Internal Conflicts:

Perform the stakeholder need analysis again

If that doesn’t work, its negotiation time – bring the conflicting parties together to a mutually – beneficial agreement

  • Managing negative stakeholders
  • Accept their authority, don’t fight
  • Remove negative emotions
  • Under their negativity
  • Ask for advice and listen
  • Be tactful and honest
  • Make them feel good
  • Tailor your communication