Project Documentation

Project Documentation

At a high level each project ideally should contain the following documentation –

  • Project Charter
  • Project Management Plan (combination of all plans)
  • Project Scope Management Plan
  • Project Time Management Plan
  • Project Cost Management Plan
  • Project Quality Management Plan
  • Project Human Resource Management Plan
  • Project Communication Management Plan
  • Project Risk Management Plan
  • Project Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Project Procurement Plan

Additionally- there are 3 baseline documents –

  • Scope Baseline
  • Cost Baseline
  • Schedule Baseline

All the 3 above together is called Performance Measurement Baseline

Requirements Traceability Matrix –

A matrix of Requirements and test cases put together to ensure whenever scope changes, both requirements and test cases can be managed efficiently

Use case documentation –

Use cases are the behaviors or the activities of a business or functional user documented based on the requirements provided by the customer at the time of requirements. The following chart depicts the contents of this document –

RACI Chart

A Project RACI is covered under the Human Resources and/or Communications Management Plan. This covers the details of responsibility, accountability, inform and consult for each of the role assigned in the Project –

  • R – Responsibility
  • A – Accountability
  • C – Consult
  • I – Inform

The following is a exmaple RACI chart used in a project –