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Email communication in the modern corporate or business environments – 

Email writing in the modern day corporate world has certainly changed. With offices spread globally, large teams, multi cultural teams, increased customer expectations, 24/7 information exchange, high end infrastructure, enhanced transparency, service level agreements etc., have added to “how exactly an email or communication has be drafted and sent to the intended recipients”.

Based on my experience the following have to be given most importance while drafting email –

  1. Include recipients who are precisely need the information are included in the To list. Avoid a thought that this person may need or should be kept in the loop unless you are not escalating any issue that has gone beyond a certain stage
  2. Unlike a conservative approach or too diplomatic directly get into the subject may be from second or third line. If the recipient has no prior background or the context of the subject you are talking, please make use of the first 2 lines to quickly mention about the subject and then get into the detail
  3. Do not beat around the bush – get right into the detail why are you sending this email and that too today (now). Your perspective, any data or statistics you have for the recipient to read thru and understand better. Remember “Data” than “opinion” always carry more weight
  4. Note that avoid paragraphs of email body unless you are writing a newsletter which is not considered email at all. People in the modern day corporate environment are ALREADY overloaded with data from various devices, contexts, people etc., so your email should carry enough relevance for the recipient to read, understand and do something about it. Crisp communication is all we need
  5. In my experience of dealing with superiors or people that i report to or stakeholders have always asked one question- “what do you expect me to do” or “what should i do”  or “what do you need from me”. This always told me that the next time i go to them or send email – I MUST tell them something that spurs their action about the subject. Now that doesn’t mean they will immediately taken some action but it helps to be more directive or draw out their action or helps them to think in terms what you expect them to do or dont.

Ensure your email is always goes first before you go to them directly to talk about a subject. Email always gives the recipient opportunity to read, understand and be ready with the context before you setup meeting with them or go meet them in their office directly.


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