Agile Truth

Organizations who start on a good note to transition to Agile should not lose focus and sight of the journey. It is very important that people talk, listen to each other and repeat the same thing over and over again to ensure that there is a common understanding. One thing that i fail to understand is why does organizations fail to set the tone at the beginning of this journey. It is very important for leadership message the agile vision and mission to pretty much everyone about the end goal though there is no end goal in Agile but am talking about the journey itself. We will need to use the middle and junior management folks to carry that message across all teams corner to corner. Even handhold teams at time of crisis and when help is needed.

Understanding where you wanted to start, how to travel the journey and where to end up discussion is extremely important. If not between all but at the division level, department level. The ambition, effort and resolve have to pure and not political. 

Importantly enough, people should not try out pretty much anything by using the name of Agile. Of-course one of the fundamental or pillars of Agile continuous improvement but do you even know whats your target or end goal. Have an agenda to follow up iteration after iteration, measure the result everyday, check where did you end up after the iteration and retrospect, introspect. If I sound like a religious preacher, so be it. I took this Agile path few years back and I want to be religious enough to practice what i preach and what i learnt as basics of modern day development approaches. 

Have a resolve, establish your approach, take your time, don't be in a rush, it is OK if you fail but ensure you fail early. Most importantly take your customer into confidence which to me is the most important element of your agenda. Maintain the communication, the transparency, discuss hurdles, challenges and do everything to overcome those and ultimately am 100% sure you will win and keep winning.


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