Agile Myth – Day After Sprint Review/Planning

Day after sprint planning/review – one of the myth of Agile

It is true that in “being Agile” you will need to make progress each day of the sprint to ensure we are meeting sprint goals. While that is true – the day after sprint planning/review may not have anything solid from the team to talk about. we know that everyday during the standup the team answers the 3 questions – what did I do yesterday, what will I do today, roadblocks if any. So in this scenario for the first question what did you do yesterday may not yield any answer or status or update – THAT IS ABSOLUTELY OK! 

Being Agile means that we are being realistic, true to our situation and transparent. The portion of myth is – just because we have to progress each day with some achievement, doesn’t mean that everyday we will have something for every question. Somebody from business, management or any stakeholder observing that a team member didn’t answer anything for first question [what did I do yesterday] doesn’t mean that we are NOT agile. Specially when the team has spent 4 hours just the day before in going thru the entire product backlog, story by story tasking out each story, checking the velocity and brought a set of stories into the sprint.

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